binaural phone headset with noise canceling microphone
The Chameleon Headsets Model 2003B Corded Phone Headset and VoIP Headset
Binaural Corded Telephone Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone.
Recommended headset for our
casual or occasional headset wearing customers.
Now 40% Off.  Save $30.00 Off MSRP!  Free Shipping.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Compatible with all headset telephones & headset amplifiers.
Ideal headset for all 2.5mm phones, Direct-Connect desktop headset phones (including Cisco 7900 series IP headset phones),
and all headset amplifiers with modular connectivity.  
Our 2003b headset is made with the same strong Polycarbonate chassis as the Chameleon commercial grade line of headsets.

An extremely lightweight phone headset and PC headset with incredible headset sound clarity and noise canceling microphone.

Headset is offered with an industry standard one year limited warranty.

The perfect telephone headset and computer headset for small office and home office users.  

Adapts to any of the Chameleon Odyssey series headset amplifier products, direct connect headset telephone or cordless telephone,
as well as competitor brand headset amplifiers and headset phones.
All Chameleon Headsets include a free rapid
release connecting cord of your choice. Please
select from the drop down menu below
Cord Select
Sale Price:
$49.95, 5 for $240.00, 10 for $460.00, 20 for $860.00, 40 for $1,650.00
The Chameleon 2003B headset is
engineered with many of the same
materials in our commercial grade
call center headset while priced at a
consumer grade headset level..
Superbly engineered noise
cancelling microphones are
standard on all Chameleon
Headsets providing you with
crisp, clear headset sound in
both ears..
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Chameleon headset in-line mute switch
In-Line Silent Mute Switch for
Headsets & Computer Headset
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extension cord for chameleon headsets
Rapid Release Coiled
Extension Cord for
Chameleon Headsets
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analog pc soundcard cord
Analog PC Soundcard
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Digital USB Headset Cord for
ALL Chameleon Headsets
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Digital USB headset cord for chameleon headsets
Universal 2.5mm cord for cordless, corded, and cell phones
2.5mm Adptor Cord  for
ALL Chameleon Headsets
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Sale Price:
The Chameleon 2003b phone headset and computer headset is the ideal headset for you if you are a casual headset user or
occassional headset wearer.  It is an ideal high-quality hands free 2.5mm headset, RJ-9 headset, binaural headset, office phone
headset, call center headset, and telemarketing headset with an attractive price attachment.  The 2003b headset is adaptable to all
headset phones, headset amplifiers, cordless headset phones, and corded headset phones, as well as all analog and USB laptop
computers and desktop computers.  The 2003b headset is also perfect for all 2.5mm headset cell phones and multi-line IP headset
office phones.
Additional phone headset & computer headset accessories + telephone
headset & computer headset adaptors for your New Chameleon Headsets
Model 2003b telephone headset and computer headset.
Chameleon headsets foam ear pads and wind screens
Chameleon Headsets Replacement
Foam Ear Pads
Chameleon Headsets Replacement
Foam Wind Screens
Chameleon Headsets Foam Ear Pads (10 Count)
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Chameleon Headsets Microphone Wind Screens (10 Count)
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Chameleon 1000 series headset cord
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