Two over-sized 36mm digital speakers and exclusive Audio Clarity Technology™ (ACT) with Acoustic Shock
Protection for optimum safety, premium sound performance and all-day wearing comfort.

Voice Trap™ noise canceling microphone and housing traps only the human voice rejecting all other noise
and renders a full-spectrum “Live” voice delivery for the headset user.

The industry’s best and most reliable patent pending Rapid Release™ Connector featuring spring loaded
gold plated contact pins and nylon embedded ABS housing that has been tested and guaranteed to
withstand over 200,000 plug/unplug cycles.

A 280° rotating Metal Flex™ microphone boom with the headset industry’s highest rated microphone boom
ratchet to insure consistent placement of the microphone for the entire life of the headset.

Polycarbonate shell for increased strength and reliability for the life of the headset.
2.5mm headset with noise canceling microphone
Chameleon Headsets Model 2202 Binaural Headset
Commercial Grade Binaural 2.5mm Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone.
High Quality Hands-Free Corded Headset For All Corded Desktop Phones, Cordless Phones, and Cellular Phones
witha 2.5mm Headset Jack.
40% Off MSRP.  You Save $36 Or More Per Headset!  Free Shipping.  2 Year Unconditional Warranty.  30 Day
No-Risk Return.
High quality, low priced call center headset and telemarketing headset with exceptional sound quality, all-day
comfort and safety, and unbeatable versatility.  Other
patch cords available enabling you to use your new headset
for VoIP applications (cords 1183 & 1163 for PC & laptops), modular phone or headset amplifier connectivity(1000
series cords), Cisco IP phone adaptability (cord 1016), and 3.5mm phone use(1103).
Sale Price:
$62.95, 5 for $305.00, 10 for $590.00, 20 for $1,140.00, 40 for $2,200.00
Superbly engineered noise
cancelling microphones are
standard on all Chameleon
Headsets providing clear,
crisp headset sound quality
The model 2202 headset features
incoming-call voice enhancement while also
limiting the amount of background noise
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Chameleon headset in-line mute switch
In-Line Silent Mute Switch for
ALL Chameleon Phone
Headsets & Computer Headset
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extension cord for chameleon headsets
Rapid Release Coiled
Extension Cord for
Chameleon Headsets
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analog pc soundcard cord
Analog PC Soundcard
Chameleon Headsets
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Digital USB Headset Cord for
ALL Chameleon Headsets
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Digital USB headset cord for chameleon headsets
Additional phone headset & computer headset accessories + telephone
headset & computer headset adaptors for your New Chameleon Headsets
Model 2202 2.5mm binaural telephone headset and computer headset.
Chameleon headsets foam ear pads and wind screens
Chameleon Headsets Replacement
Foam Ear Pads
Chameleon Headsets Replacement
Foam Wind Screens
Chameleon Headsets Foam Ear Pads (10 Count)
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Chameleon Headsets Microphone Wind Screens (10 Count)
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Chameleon 1000 series headset cord
Headset / amplifier