Direct-Connect Binaural Office Phone Headsets & Monaural Office Phone Headsets with Noise
Canceling Microphones.
The Best High Quality Commercial Grade Binaural Headset, Call Center Headset, and Telemarketing Headset!
For Single-Line & Multi-Line Corded Desktop Office IP Telephones.
40% Off MSRP.  Free Shipping.  Volume Pricing.  2 Year Unconditional Warranty.
The Chameleon Headsets 2107  
Direct Connect Monaural Corded
Telephone Headset
The Chameleon Headsets 2207
Direct Connect Binaural Corded
Telephone Headset
The Chameleon Headsets
2307 Direct Connect
Monaural Corded
Telephone Headset
Retail Price:
Sale Price:
$54.95, 5 for $265.00, 10 for $500.00, 20 for $940.00, 40 for $1,800.00
Retail Price
Sale Price:
$59.95, 5 for $290.00, 10 for $560.00, 20 for $1,080.00, 40 for $2,080.00
Retail Price:
Sale Price:
$62.95, 5 for $305.00, 10 for $590.00, 20 for $1,140.00, 40 for $2,200.00
The headset models we offer for direct-connect IP phones come ready-to-install straight from the box.  Included with each headset is a
rapid-release coiled connecting headset cord that is guaranteed compatible with 99% of all direct-connect phones.  If your phone does
not have it's own, separate jack specifically for a headset, then 99% of the time your phone will require a
headset amplifier to enable
headset use.  Click  
DCMODELS to view our partial list of the more popular make and model direct connect office IP phones.  
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binaural phone headset with noise canceling microphone
Chameleon 1000 series headset cord
Retail Price:
$49.95, 5 for $240.00, 10 for $460.00, 20 for $860.00, 40 for $1,650.00
Sale Price:
The Chameleon Headsets
2307b  Direct-Connect Binaural
Corded Office Phone Headset
Chameleon headset in-line mute switch
In-Line Silent Mute
Switch for all Chameleon
Phone Headsets
p/n #1201
Retail Price:
Sale Price:
extension cord for chameleon headsets
Rapid Release Coiled
Extension Cord for
Chameleon Headsets
Retail Price:
Sale Price: