Ear 2 Ear Headsets offers a large assortment of unique model phone and PC headsets custom tailored to fit the needs of each individual, as well as individual business
needs.  We stock many variations of monaural and binaural call center and telemarketing phone headsets, USB headsets, headset amplifiers, headset phones, and
many other assorted telecommunications products for businesses and home applications, too.   All of our products are affordable, value-driven, and versatile/adaptable
enabling our headset users the ability to interface with virtually all telephone systems and computer operating systems without the need to purchase multiple headsets
for multiple devices.   
Ear 2 Ear Headsets takes pride in offering unsurpassed value, quality, warranty, & service to our customers.  Ear 2 Ear Headsets - Exceeding Your
model 2003 convertible monaural headset
model 2002 binaural headset
model 2003b binaural phone headset
model 2001 monaural headset
                                                                                                 Why Chameleon Headsets™?
No other call center phone headsets, headset amplifiers, or headset phones offer the warranty, features, value, and adaptability than those found in Chameleon Call
Center & Telemarketing Headsets products.  Regardless of the make and model phone headset or headset amplifier you may currently  be using, Chameleon telephone
headsets and headset amplifiers are specifically designed and engineered for superior performance with virtually
Headsets™,  offered by
EAR 2 EAR HEADSETS, have the versatility and adaptability you've come to expect, with pricing and service that will Exceed Your Expectations!
model 3004 Odyssey IV telephone keypad dialer
model 3007 Odyssey VII headset amplifier
model 3003 Odyssey III telephone keypad dialer
Chameleon Headsets
Model 2001 Monaural
Corded Telephone and
Computer Headsets
w/ Noise Cancel
Free Shipping
Chameleon Headsets
Model 2002 Binaural
Call Center/Telemarketing
Telephone & Computer
Headsets w/ Noise Cancel
Free Shipping
Chameleon Headsets
Model 2003 Convertible
Monaural Office Phone/Home
Phone Noise Cancel
Microphone Headsets
Free Shipping
Chameleon Headsets Model
2003B Binaural
Hands-Free, 2-Speaker,
Noise Canceling Microphone
Telephone & VoIP Headsets
Free Shipping
Chameleon Headsets
Model 3004 Odyssey IV
Headset Telephone
Free Shipping
Chameleon Headsets
Model 3007 Odyssey VII
Headset Amplifier
Free Shipping
Chameleon Headsets
Model 3003 Odyssey III
Headset Telephone
Free Shipping
Chameleon Odyssey X Cordless Headsets
Chameleon Headsets Model 3010 Odyssey X
Cordless Headsets for Phones & Computers.  
Includes Automatic Handset Lifter
Chameleon Odyssey X Wireless Headsets
Ear 2 Ear Headsets is your telecommunication headset
and telephone specialist, offering businesses and
individuals, offices and homes, high quality telemarketing
headsets and call center headsets at 40%-50% below
MSRP.  Our headsets are compatible with 99% of all
headset telephones and headset amplifiers available
today.   Also, with their patented rapid-release cord system
favorite Chameleon on your computer, laptop, cell phone,
cordless phone, and desktop telephone with the addition of
different patch cords for each device.
All Chameleon corded
telephone headsets come with
2 year unlimited warranties.  All
Chameleon telephones and
amplifiers come with 3 year
unlimited warranties.  30 day
money back guarantee, no
questions asked.
Ear 2 Ear Headsets, Woodland Hills, CA.  Call Us Today! 818-222-7748 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm PST

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Headset Amplifiers, Headset Phones, & More.
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Chameleon monaural headset with amplifier
Chameleon binaural headset with amplifier
convertible monaural headset with amplifier
binaural headset with headset telephone
convertible monaural headset with headset telephone
Telephone with monaural headset
Telephone with binaural headset
Telephone with convertible monaural headset
monaural headset with headset telephone
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High quality is equally matched with high performance when Chameleon Headset amplifiers are teamed with Chameleon Headsets,
a pairing that no serious business, office desktop, or home office user should do without.   Headset amplifiers boost the signal from
your phone to your headset, providing crisp, clear sound from your microphone and headset speaker(s).  The Odyssey VII corded
headset amplifiers are feature rich, yet are slightly larger than a deck of playing cards.  A true space saver.  
Headsets with Telephones
for Work At Home Agents,
LiveOps, Arise, Language Line