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Ear 2 Ear Headsets is a digital magazine that posts articles about headsets and everything related to them. Our founder, Dorothy M. Flanagan, put a team of writers and headset lovers together and we have been working on this magazine since 2017.

We have been evolving and always adding new members when it was necessary

Headsets are broadly used, yet there is such a lack of sites where you can go read exclusively about this type of communication tech gear, that we saw an opportunity.

We are constantly educating ourselves about the technicalities involved in headset design, usability, and performance because we wish to provide readers with relevant information.

The headset industry is filled with big names, from Samsung to Beats by Dre, and they are all constantly getting paid reviews done for their products.

In our magazine, we have a different policy because we are committed to bringing you accurate reviews highlighting both the good and bad that each piece of gear can come with.

Although we try to keep it genuine and user-oriented, this does not keep us from recommending certain brands that have proven to manufacture great products consistently.

We want our readers to be able to choose the best headsets without having to trust any salesperson with an agenda, but rather focus on their own needs.

If you are musician, music lover, work with telemarketing, or need headsets for whatever reason, you will find that Ear 2 Ear Headsets is a valuable tool to have in your shed. Keep reading the magazine frequently to find out how to make the most out of the gear you have and what new addition you need to purchase, to have a better listening experience.