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The topics we have to cover within the field of headsets are broad and often very specific, as there is a wide range of gear out there and also many different purposes to use them.

For some of the most specific and professional features, we advise ourselves with sound professionals and even engineers. This is why we make them available to subscribers only.

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This package is available at £20 a year and it will give you access to articles as soon as we upload them, as non-subscribers will have to wait 6 months to see them. You will also receive links in your email to video demos of the latest gear being tested by our team and an Ear 2 Ear Headset t-shirt.

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If you own a company and want all your employees to be able to access our subscriber-only content, you can purchase this package at £60 a year. There are no limits to the number of employees you can have covered under this subscription and we throw raffles for hoodies and coffee mugs for them to participate in.

Sound and Music Professional Package

This is our VIP package and it costs £100 a year, which will give you access to our most specific articles regarding professional headsets. You will also receive a hoodie and automatically enter our annual raffle for 3 professional quality headsets.

Additionally, you get linked to the demo videos for the latest high-end gear available.

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In order to purchase any of our packages, you need to start by going to our Contact Information page where you will see our email address. Next, send us an email stating that you wish to get a subscription and the package you want to be subscribed to.

Although we are very sad to lose any followers, we understand that you could want to unsubscribe at any time, and we make this possible by sending us an email as well. Your subscription will end immediately and no extras will be charged to your cards.